Friday 16 Nov 2018
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Members Info

Wednesday, 26 October 2011 10:38 Richard Wernberg
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In this area of the Website you will find forms and documents for SAHPA members.

Committee Updates

2018 General fees

General licence forms

General Renewal Pack
Instructor Renewal Pack
Foreign Visitors Application 

Additional Forms
1. Skill test form
2. Medical Fitness
3. RA 62-16 Application and Renewal Form
4. Accident/Incident report form
5. Foreign TFI Conversion Pack
6. International Pilot Proficiency Identification card (IPPI)
7. Type ratings and endorsement currency requirements
8. SAHPA Tandem flying guidelines
9. Re-application requirements

Designated Aviation Examiners in South Africa

School Forms

1. Medical Fitness
2. Temporary Membership Application for Powered Paragliding
3. Temporary Membership Application for Paragliding and Hang Gliding
4. Temporary Membership Renewal


1. Basic Licence Pack
2. Sport Licence Package 
3. Instructor pack 
4. New TFI tandem rating pack
5. Paragliding Grade B Instructor rating
6. Standard Tandem licence application

Powered Paragliding

1. Powered Parachute Tests
2. PPG Exam

Hang Gliding:

1. Novice Pack
2. A-Licence Package
2. B-Licence Package
3. C-Licence Package
4. Aero Tow Rating
5. Hang Gliding Aero Tow TUG Endorsement
6. Hang Gliding Hill Launch Endorsement checklist
7. Instructor Rating-written
8. Tandem Licence
9. Tow Endorsement Notification and checklist
10. Tandem Licence  Endorsement checklist
11. Powered Hang Gliding Application

141 Documentation

1. Risk Profiling
Checklist for ATO annual inspection
Checklist for approval of ATOs TPM
ad hoc inspection check list
General ExemptionNotice

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