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2018 South Africa Open- Porterville (2018 SAO)   8 – 15 December 2018

South African XC League



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I fly a lot, sometimes in interesting places with fascinating people. On occasion I feel that I should share these experiences.


Aero Club Annual Awards   


Russell Achterberg – Paragliding

Won the paragliding world cup  in Aksaray,  Turkey 8-15 September 2018.

Started paragliding in 2004 and has been part of the SA Paragliding team since 2011

Russell Achterberg 1

Theunis De bruin - Paragliding 


 Won the Nordic open 2018 in Macedonia 26 Aug, 2018 - 01 Sep, 201826 Aug, 2018 - 01 Sep, 2018

He has been flying since 2012


Theunis De Bruin

Alard Hufner  – Powered Paragliding



Alard Hufner won the 2018 Icarus Trophy, a 1,000-mile paramotor race which took place in southern Africa in July 2018.

Alard also won the shorter, weekend-long X-Series event in April this year.

The 2018 Icarus Trophy started on 25 July 2018, with 27 paramotorists taking to the skies just north of Johannesburg. Their race took them across Botswana to finish near Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. Alard completed the journey over a period of three days. 27 pilots, from  the UK, Europe, North and South America, South Africa and the Middle East, made it to the finish line.  He's been flying powered paragliding since March 2018.


Alard Hufner

 Aero Club Special Acknowledgement for Extraordinary Service in Recreational Avaiation 2018

1. Stephan Kruger
2. Jon Pio
3. Andrew Smith
4. Khobi-Jane Bowden
5. Andre Rainsford - Alberts

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